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Canadian Search EngineSmart Ad Search (Canadian Search Engine)
Launched 2005
Canadian Search Engine:
International Website Address:

Website Details:
This project is one of our most comprehensive projects to date. Unfortunately for Canada, we seem to lack a proper Search Engine we can call our own. Please keep in mind, there are 100's of great local business directories online that we feel meet up to internet standards but nothing nation wide that can compete and REALLY deliver quality internet results. We hope that in the future years, Canadians will use our search engine for all their searching needs.

Some Unique Features Include:

  • 3 Unique Data Bases (Smartads network / 100% Canadian / The Web)
  • Quick speed online
  • Unique eye catching template
  • Ability to add Smart Ad Search results onto your website
  • Paid "Smart Ad Select" results
  • New Feature *** Ability to add any of the results to your very own unique "Search Engine Favorites List".
  • Ability to view each listings profile page
  • Ability to update your own listing
  • Receive a FREE listing for your business
  • + Many more unique features

Our Goal:
Right from the beginning, we had hoped to provide the world with a unique search engine that is of the top 10 Canadian Search Engines and of the top 100 search engines in the world. We still have a long way to go but look for this site to increase in popularity for the launch in 2005.