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Launched: 2002
Website Address:

Website Details:
This project is the largest project we've ever created. With over 1000 pages of services, tips, resources & internet marketing news, this site is definitely a world resource centre competing against some of the best on the internet.
Here are the 4 Sections of Smartads International:

1) Smartads Services:

  • Website Design services
  • Print Ad Design services
  • Graphic Design services
  • Internet Marketing services
  • Link Building services
  • Company Logo Design services
  • Business Printing services\
  • Data Base / Content Management / Shopping Carts
  • Hosting Services

3) Business Resource Centre:

  • Business start-up tips / strategies / resources / the basics
  • Helpful business websites
  • Building a home based business
  • Home based scams & reports
  • Weekly Helpful articles
    • Entrepreneur help / Giving Presentations / Prospecting / Motivation / Attitude / Commitment / Planning Ahead / Networking / Public Speaking / Sales & Marketing / Building Relationships / Work At Home / Self Improvement / Mind Power / Power Of Dreams / Beating Your Fears / Educational Help / Mental Health / Family 1st / Leading Happiness / Learning & Study / Anger Management

2) Internet Marketing Centre:

  • Daily internet marketing tips
  • Email newsletter sign up
  • Search engine marketing strategies
  • Pay per click search Engine strategies
  • Email marketing strategies
  • Link building strategies
  • Website designing strategies
  • Google page ranking & search ranking
  • Yahoo / MSN / Excite / + many more
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sales tips / Visitor triggers
  • + much more

4) Business Training Media Centre

  • Training tapes / videos / seminars on:
    • Business Ethics / Business Writing / Business Planning / Conflict Management / Coaching & Mentoring / Customer Service Training / Change Management / Finance / Budgeting / Interviewing / Hiring / Internet / eCommerce / Marketing / Meeting Skills / Management Skills / Presentation Skills / Project Management / Quality Management / Sales Training / Time Management / Telephone Skills / Workplace Safety / Personal Growth / Career Development / Communication Skills / Goal Setting / Leadership / Motivation / Personal Development / Team work / BUSINESS PERSONAL GROWTH


Canadian Advertising AgencySmartads Canada
Launch Date: 2003
Website Address:

Website Details:
This project was geared towards helping promote our Canadian services & resources. We wanted to make a website that is canadian specific and help out our industry.


internet advertising servicesSmartads Advertising Services
Launch: 2002
Website Address:

Website Details:
Strange domain no? The is a good reason for this. Before Martin Lemieux ever got into the advertising industry, he used to be partners of a "Paintball Company" called Flying Gelatin Games. Due to this, he was reluctant to release the domain to other people and instead created a website geared towards information about our internet marketing services & features. A really nice website targeting a world audience.


Marketing ToolsThe Web Clinic
Launched 2004
Website Address:

Website Details:
In partnership with XLinternet (Hosting service of Smartads), we decided to provide an easy way for our clients to promote their business online through some unique internet marketing tools every website needs to get their feet off the ground.
These Internet Marketing Tools Include:

  • 1. Website Submissions
  • 2. Web Site Ranking Checker
  • 3. Meta Tags Generator
  • 4. Website Analyzer
  • 5. Link Checker
  • 6. Keyword Generator
  • 7. Pay Per Click Tracker
  • 8. Link Popularity Checker


Hamilton DirectorySmartads Hamilton Business Directory
Launched 2004
Website Address:

Website Details:
One of Smartads goals is to be connected to their home town; Hamilton, Ontario. In our efforts to connect to our community, we decided to build a FREE online directory to help local businesses expose their business to the world. Soon, we will convert this directory into Hamiltons very 1st local Search Engine.

Company Logo DesignSmartads - 3 Dimentional Design
Launched 2004
Website Address:

Website Details:
This project is unique in nature. The reason why this project is so unique because this has been our testing ground. If there are methods online that we think may not work, we try them here. In the end, this website, full of our graphic design services + extras has taught us a great deal about internet marketing and helped us to reflect what we've learned onto our clients success online.

Website design services in MontrealSmartads Promoting Montreal
Launched 2005
Website Address:

Website Details:
Since the increase of the internets popularity, we have taken new strategies to promote our business to Canada. Since we ARE a bilingual company, we decided to open up an office in Montreal. With the support of Martin Lemieux's uncle, Serge Lemieux. Serge is able to bring 30 years of experience in Marketing & promotion which has given Smartads a real good edge for Quebec.

Website design services in TorontoSmartads Promoting Toronto
Launched 2005
Website Address:

Website Details:
With much effort, Smartads has been able to depend on Toronto to provide us with many clients. Because of this we've decided to build a website that can specifically promote our services and our clients from the GTA - Greater Toronto Area. In 2005, we will also be launching a partnered website that will help "Printing Brokers" from all over the world to receive pre-qualified leads from Smartads and receive 100% top notch printing services out of Mississauga, Ontario.


BNI - Referral WinnersHamilton BNI - Refferal Winners
Launching in 2005
Website Address: (coming soon)

Website Details:
The internet is a wonderful place and bring many leads to your business. We still believe in conventional Marketing strategies, especially in your local market. Every Thursday, Martin Lemieux attends his local "Business Networking Group" and is dedicated to helping those individuals from that group. As a non-profit project, we've decided to build a website dedicated to the individuals in our BNI group and invite anyone from Greater Hamilton to join our group in order to build your business. This website is coming soon!


Quebec Sur Le NetSmartads - Quebec Sur Le Net (French version)
Launching in 2005
Website Address: (coming soon)

Website Details:
Due to Martin Lemieux's french background, we could not promote a business in Montreal without creating a website that can target 80% of the people in Quebec. Without this french version, it is literally pointless to promote a business in Quebec. Look for the launch of this website in the new year.