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Top Site Makeover

Top Site Makeover

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4250 Saint Ambroise #208


Montreal, H4C 3R4

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Contact Person:

Hajni Blasko

Internet Marketing: Experience, Strategy, & Process

We offer a comprehensive evaluation of your site to help you determine if it is optimally designed and functioning at its full potential. We will evaluate how effectively your Website represents your company's message and how easily and prominently your Website is found on the Internet.

We focus on performance through improving on the following areas:

. Site Identification
. Tag Line
. Window Titles
. Inbound / Outbound Links
. Loading Speed (@56.6bps & DSL)
. Text Size
. Image Sizes
. Frames
..CSS Function
. Scripts
. Navigation
. Title Tag Optimization
. Meta Description Optimization
. Other Meta Tags
. Link Rating (Google)
. Keyword Specific Site Position on Major Engines
. Loading Speed Reduction
. Keyword Suggestions (density,quality,target)
. Typography
. Page Usability
. Design Elements

Internet Marketing Clients & Referrals:

"Thanks for taking the time to look at my site and for offering such good feedback on it. In fact I plan on updating my site based on your suggestions.
Tim Hutchinson --"

"Top Site Makeover suggested HTML tweaks to optimize our own company Website for search engines. Joining with Hajni and Top Site Makeover has proven to be one of the most valuable and satisfying business venture.
Irene Brady --"

Client's Testimonial posted on "Self-publishing" e-mail group. (10/Feb/2004)

"You may recall I've posted before about the good one-on-one sales I've had for my mother's book "Laughter Wasn't Rationed" -- primarily due to her being there in person and charming everyone with her cute German accent and bubbly personality! :) However, reality is setting in that she will be 88 next month and I need to utilize the Internet more for my sales.

I've had a Website for several years and recently had it search engine optimized by Hajni of Top Site Makeover ( I now have top rankings on major search engines and am thrilled to death. Sure, we all can plug in the title of our book(s) or our URL and come up as #1. However, she researched the most popular keywords my target audience often uses, and it is for those words that I am now highly ranked. She knows "her stuff," is pleasant to work with and I recommend her highly.

While I realize that even with search engine optimization there is no guarantee people will buy a German war memoir in droves, I believe that generating the right kind of traffic for your site is half the battle -- not just for me, but for all of us.

Sylvia Cole -- Tricor Press"

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