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(SEO = Search Engine Optimization)


SEO TERMS: (Acronyms, Short Definitions & Short Explanations)
Here are some search engine optimization terms to consider...

Acronym & Short Def.

Short Explanations

AJ - Ask Jeeves

A search engine, visit:

CPC - Cost Per Click

Payment made everytime someone clicks on your ad to visit your site destination.

CPL - Cost Per Lead

The amount it costs your business per lead to your website.

CPM - Cost Per Thousand

The amount it costs for 1000 clicks to your website.

CPS - Cost Per Sale

The amount it cost your business per sale (all venues to get there).

CTR - Click Through Rate

The rate it would cost you if someone click through your ad.

CWO - Chief Web Officer

Destination given to an online professional.

DH - Direct Hit

A direct hit to your website. Images, Files, etc...

DMOZ - Directory Mozilla

ODP - Open Directory Project

DNS - Domain Name System

A system that tells the internet "where" your website files are located.

EPC - Earnings Per Click

The amount you have earned per click to your website (%).

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to support questions on your website.

FFA - Free For All

"Links Pages" you DO NOT want to submit your site to.

FTP - File Transfer Protocol

A program that allows you to "upload & download" your website files to your site.


Search Engine, visit:

HB - HotBot

Search Engine, visit:

HTML - Hyper Text Mark Up Language

Simple format website design code & structure. Many websites are built through HTML.

HTTP- Hypertext Transfer Protocol

View Explanations >

HTTPS - Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

View Explanations >

ICRA - Internet Content Rating Association


IIS - Internet Information Services

Web server that provides a highly reliable, and scalable Web application infrastructure for all versions of Windows Server 2003

INK - Inktomi

Search Engine,

IP - Internet Protocal

Numbered destination to online servers, computers, etc.. (ex.

ISP - Internet Service Provider

The company that connects you to the internet.

IT - Information Technology

Designation for IT services online and offline.

IYP - Internet Yellow Pages

Yellow page directory services online.

KDA - Keyword Density Analyser

A program that analyses your web page to determine a percent of keywords used within your content. (% ratio)

KEI - Keyword Effectiveness Index

Determines the best combination of keywords for your industry specific.

LS - Look Smart

PPC Search Engine / Directory, visit:

METADATA - Data About Data

Meta Tag information about your website page. Each individual page description for search engines.

MS - Microsoft

Large applications, business services, online services coporation. Visit:

MSN - Microsoft Network

Online Services, visit:
CND Search Engine, visit:

OOP - Over Optimized Penalty

A penalty given to websites that "over optimize" their website in order to trick search engines.

P2P - Pay To Play

Payment cost in order to play your favorite online game, casino, etc...

PDF - Portable Document Format

Adobe PDF - Portable Document Format. You need an "Acrobat Reader" to view these secure online files.

Pay For Inclusion

The amount needed to pay to submit your company to a "paid" directory online.

PCP - Pay For Performance

Same as "CPC - Cost per click"

PCP - Pay For Placement

Same as "CPC - Cost per click"

PPC - Pay Per Click

Pay per click search engines. You bid on a result and pay everytime someone clicks on your link.

PPCSE - Pay Per Click Search Engines

For an extensive list of pay per click search engines visit:

PPV - Pay Per Visitor

Payments made per unique visitor to your website.

PR - Google Page Rank

Google's page ranking system that ranks your website according to many factors. Visit:

QC - Quality Control

A system in place by a company to ensure quality control for their services and/or product.

RFI - Request For Information

A request made by someone or something for more specific information.

RFP - Request For Proposal

A proposal request for a product or service.

RFQ - Request For Quotes

A quote request for a product or service.

ROAD - Return On Advertising Dollar

The amount paid for advertising vs. the return on the investment.

ROI - Return On Investment

The amount calculated to determine the return amount from the invested amount.

SE - Search Engine

Search Engines online. (ex.

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Marketing your business within search engines. For SEM Articles, click here >

SEMPO - Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization

An "Internet Marketing Service" based company.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

"Optimizing" your website for better search engine placements.

SEO - Search Engine Optimizer

Internet marketing company specializing in optimizing your website for better performance online.

SEP - Search Engine Placement

The location your company website is listed when searching online.

SEP - Search Engine Positioning

The act of marketing your website online in order to position your company properly.

SEP - Search Engine Promotion

Promoting your business on the internet and within Search Engines.

SERPs - Search Engine Results Pages

The page results given from any particular search engine.

SEs - Search Engines

Search engines (plural).

SES - Search Engine Strategies

A strategy created in order to increase the amount of traffic & sales to your company.

STATS - Statistics

Your website performance statistics

TLD - Top Level Domain

Your main website directory link, (ex., NOT

URL - Uniform Resource Indicator

URL's are the "points to that space". If your space is ", the the url is ""

W3 or WWW - World Wide Web


Y! - Yahoo Directory

One of the most comprehensive directories online, visit: