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SEO Consultant Qualified Member

Abalone Designs

Main Website:

Website (2):

Telephone (1):


Telephone (2):


Fax Number:


Toll Free Number:



2-12438 Brunswick Pl.



Province / State:

British Columbia

Postal Code:

V7E 6K6



Contact Person:

Courtney Heard

Internet Marketing: Experience, Strategy, & Process

Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of your web site's success, we all know that. The problem is finding a search engine optimization company that will produce cold, hard results. Check out our search engine placement results and you'll quickly see why our clients are always so happy. Our list of some web development and SEO clients is impressive too.

Keeping a sharp eye on your return-on-investment (ROI), we are able to offer you results-driven services at a price 1/10th of what other Search Engine Optimization companies charge. Abalone Designs is a home-run, family company and as a result, we have a very low overhead.

Abalone Designs has committed themselves to the education of consumers and have introduced our SEO Resources section as well as ScamCops. The resources contain free and useful search engine optimization information, articles, forums and a glossary of terms.

Take the free optimization analysis, including a search engine ranking report & tips on search engine optimization methods or browse our different SEO packages, choose one that's right for you and sign up! Don't hesitate to ask us for help, we would be glad to review your site and suggest a package that suits it.

Internet Marketing Clients & Referrals:

"I very much appreciate all you have done. And also your offer to answer questions friends might have trying to link to my site. I'll make sure they know how wonderful you are and will recommend they contact you if and when they consider seeking professional help or want an analysis of their site." - Suzi,

A year ago we contracted Abalone Designs to help us in updating the look of our website and more importantly to increase our visibility on the net. Prior to Abalone Designs optimization of our website anyone searching for Quadra Island accommodation only would have found us if they looked on page 10 of the search results, that s how bad our placement was. Since the optimization we have been number 2 or 3 on the search results for Quadra Island accommodation and our business from the website has increased substantially, thanks to Abalone Designs. - Manager, Whiskey Point Resort (

"Being a tad obsessive, and compulsive and what's that other thing?--oh yeah, neurotic, I, of course, made this into a major, marketing project-a quantitative analsytic framework-- in which I built a spreadsheet and assigned relative values (and the actual scores) to such attributes as: a) price/cost a1) competitive position in industry b) turnaround time c) flexibility d) previous works with other writers and poets e) BEING PROACATIVE--VERY IMPORTANT---seeing and resolving "problems" before they become problems-- in fact converting "problems" into opportunities for writers g) personal integrity of the people running the firm, and on and on and on.. Needless to say, their overall weighted score measured a .9953 (the highest one can get is .99999) and they were great." - Jimmy A. Lerner, Author, when asked how he chose Abalone Designs Inc. (

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